Bread with tomate "homemade"
Potatoes with fried egg and Iberian ham
Salad of caramelized goat cheese, walnuts and cherry tomatoes
Main dish. Paella for a minimum of two people.
With rabbit and snails
With seasonal vegetables
Duck confit, artichokes and foie
With “crust” (fried egg on top)
Sliced pork and vegetables
Creamy rice with leg of veal
With mixed meat and sausages from the region
Creamy rice with bull tail
Señoret with secreto-cut pork, rabbit and country chicken
With pork fillet, mushrooms and foie gras (+1,5€/person)
Main dish. Paella for a minimum of two people.
With fish broth and small pieces of seafood
With lobster (with fluffy or soupy rice) (+3€/person)
With vegetables, monkfish and red prawns
With seafood (+1,5€/person)
Black rice with squid ink
With octopus, young garlic and artichokes (+1,5€/person)
Seafood fideuá (dish with noodles instead of rice) (+1,5€/person)
With seafood señoret (shelled seafood) (+1,5€/person)
Fisherman’s gazpachos
Turron ice cream with hot chocolate and chocolate crisps
IVA included 26.50 €

With an extra charge of 4,50€ you can order an unlimited number of drinks for your lunch or dinner.


The set menus include 2 drinks per person: soft drinks, beers, water, red or white wine. Coffee or tea are also included. The set menus are for a minimum of two people. All guests at the same table have to order the same set menu.