- Bread roll
Starters (centre of the table)
"Marinera Murciana" (dices vegetable salad with mayonnaise, served on a crunchy bagel, with an anchovy on top)
Artichoke hearts with mi-cuit foie gras shavings and caramel
Fried eggs on chips with Ibérico ham
Confit cod salad, tuna, anchovies, cherry tomatoes and romesco sauce
Main dish to choose
Rice “a banda” (rice dish with seafood)
Black rice with squid ink, sliced squid and aioli
Rice (+1,50€)
Seafood rice (peeled shrimp, calamari and mussels)
Seafood rice dish with squid, mussels, clams and shrimp
Rice dish with monkfish, shrimp and vegetables
Countryside rice (small pieces of beef cheek, free-range chicken and steak)
Rice (+4,00€)
Lobster rice
Mascarpone mousse with "Oreo" and salted caramel
IVA included 27.90 €

With an extra charge of 4,50€ you can order an unlimited number of drinks for your lunch or dinner.

The set menus include 2 drinks per person: soft drinks, beers, water, Lambrusco, red orwhite wine. Coffee or tea are also included. The set menus are for a minimum of two people. All guests at the same table have to order the same set menu.