- Bread roll
Starters (centre of the table)
The "russian salad" with crunchy "panipuri"
Fried eggs on chips with Ibérico ham
Pulled pork tacos with fresh herbs and lime hoisin sauce
Caesar salad with chicken confit, homemade sauce, bacon and parmesan
Main dish to choose
Tuna fish tataki with wakame salad and teriyaki sauce
Cheeseburger with home-made chips
Thai curry with chicken sirloins, jasmine rice, raisins and mushrooms
Mushroom risotto with Parmesan shavings and trufe notes
GLASS "PEPA" nougat ice cream with caramelized pastry cream and chocolate sauce
IVA included 28.90 €

With an extra charge of 4,50€ you can order an unlimited number of drinks for your lunch or dinner.

The set menus include 2 drinks per person: soft drinks, beers, water, Lambrusco, red orwhite wine. Coffee or tea are also included. The set menus are for a minimum of two people. All guests at the same table have to order the same set menu.