Chef's suggestions
Carlo's creations
Canelonni La Pèrgola
XL cannelloni of sweet beef with tartufata cream and pear
12.90 €

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach with four cheese sauce
14.90 €

Millefoglie ortaggio
Seasonal vegetables sautéed between pasta millefeuille
10.90 €

Norwegian salmon, sautéed vegetables and a sweet and sour touch
14.90 €

Lomo de bacalao
On potato parmentier, with raisins and fresh spinach sprouts
16.40 €

Segreto "Marsala"
Iberian pork secret with lambrusco and mushroom reduction
17.90 €

Beef entrecote with cherry, arugula and parmesan
17.90 €

Beef tenderloin with foie gras and caramelized onion
Beef tenderloin medallion with foie and caramelized onion
25.90 €

Mediterranean, creative and quality cuisine.

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