La Solana - 18/05/2022


Sprout salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cheese in brine and olive paste
Allergens : Milk
Potatoes stuffed with bolognese and au gratin with emmental
Allergens : Milk Sulphur dioxide
Cordovan salmorejo with minced ham and egg
Allergens : Gluten Eggs
Wholegrain spaghetti with walnut pesto and cheese flakes
Allergens : Peanuts Milk Nuts Lupin
Broken free-range eggs, poor-quality potatoes and Iberian ham shoulder (Supple.1.90)
Allergens : Eggs Sulphur dioxide
Timbale escalivada (firewood vegetables) with gratin goat cheese and anchovy (Suppl. 2,90)
Allergens : Fish Milk

Main courses

Pork secret with old mustard and honey, on bakery potatoes
Allergens : Mustard Sulphur dioxide
Cod in piquillo pepper sauce
Allergens : Crustacean Fish Celery Sulphur dioxide Molluscs
Sausage "pagès" with white beans sautéed with garlic and parsley
Allergens : No allergens
Boneless chicken thigh with humus
Allergens : No allergens
Grilled salmon supreme with vegetables(Suppl. 2,90)
Allergens : No allergens
Tagliata "of veal entrecote with cheese and arugula (Suppl. 5.90)
Allergens : Milk


Combination of chopped natural fruit
Allergens : No allergens
Cottage cheese from El Cadí & honey
Allergens : No allergens
Artisan chocolate ice cream
Allergens : No allergens
Spongcake With nuts and chocolate
Allergens : No allergens
Chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream "One day is one day" (Suppl. 3.90)
Allergens : Gluten Eggs Soya Milk Nuts
Lemon pie with meringue (Suppl. 2.90)
Allergens : Gluten Eggs Milk

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