La Solana- 31/07/22-DF - 17,90€
Sprout salad, arugula, mozzarella, dry tomatoes, sunflower seeds and pesto
Mixed paella with squid, meat and vegetables
Macarrones integrales salteados con cherrys y espinacas
Pineapple carpaccio with Galician-style smoked ham (Supple. 1.90)
Broken free-range eggs, poor-quality potatoes and Iberian ham shoulder
Veal "tagliata" with cheese flakes and tomato cherry
Cod fillet with horchard samfaina
Sausage with "pagès" and grilled vegetables with a touch of romesco sauce
Beef burger with goat roll and caramelized onion
Sea bass supreme on cheakpeas hummus and crispy bacon (Suppl. 3,90)
Grilled lamb ribs with poor potatoes (Suppl. 6.90)
Chopped fresh watermelon
Cadi cottage cheese with pear jam
Artisan chocolate ice cream (Two Balls)
Homemade eggs flan with caramel
Nougat ice cream & nuts-liqueur (Supl. 2,90)
Mini fondant chocolate Sacher (Suppl. 2.90)
IVA included 17.90 €

Bold, healthy and committed.

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Restaurant La Solana